EP Christmas Party 2021

Each year, the students and teachers of Sarakhampittayakhom School English Program celebrate with the whole world by learning and participating in fun and enjoyable activities related to Christmas Day. As the day is an important holiday in many parts of the world, it is important for the EP students to understand its beginnings and history as well as the true meaning of Christmas even to non-Christians.

The EP Christmas party was held on Friday the 24th of December 2021 at the 5th floor of the Building 6 in Sarakhampittayakhom School mainly at the EP Meeting Room. A buffet lunch was served first at noon and the special program of activities started at 1pm. Special dance, drama and musical performances from students were presented on stage by students representing each grade level. The activity had special raffle prizes for the students which were presented by our EP head Mr. Tananat Premboon and Assistan EP Heads, Mr. Yuttapong Pakinumhung and Ms. Wantana Khotphuwiang. The Deputy directors of the school were also present as special guests, with deputy director Mr. Arwut Khrueadaeng giving out a special message to the students. There was also a special dance performance by the EP teaching staff and a visit from Santa Claus and his lovely assistant Chrissie Claus. A special live video message by former EP Head Mr. Wigorn Makdee was also featured.

The activity was fun filled and the students were most excited about exchanging gifts. The whole activity was broadcasted through Facebook live thanks to the EP Multimedia Club. This years Christmas Party theme was titled, “Camping in the Garden” and was organized by Mathayom 5 students with the help of some Mathayom 6 students.

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