About our English Program

Sarakhampittayakhom School is the largest Mathayom level school in Maha Sarakham province. It started in 1906 as a school for boys in the Positaram temple, then later was established as a formal school on July 10, 1913. The school gradually grew larger through the years and is now the main school of the town. Now with over 3,000 students, it is recognized as the focal point for education as a World-class standard school in Thailand’s Northeast region.

Recognizing the importance of the English language as the way of communicating internationally, and due to the rise of technologies such as the internet, and as the country gears up for the emerging ASEAN economic community, an English Program fully recognized by the Ministry of Education’s Office of the Basic Education commission, was established since 2003. Today, the Sarakhampittayakhom School English Program is recognized for academic excellence for consistently winning prestigious awards from different school competitions throughout the region.

The Sarakhampittayakhom School English Program has native English speaking teachers and foreign teachers of various nationalities teaching Mathayom levels subjects, such as English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health, Physical Education, Computer Studies, Home Economics and Art. The students also receive additional studies from Thai teachers for other core subjects like Thai language, music and Buddhist studies. The program also offers Chinese and Japanese language classes to train students to be multi-lingual in case of studies or work that demands it, in their future. The English program takes utmost care and quality in preparing its students for their next level of studies whether it be in a major college or university here in Thailand, or abroad.

To develop the student’s interest for the need to learn and use the English language, the English program regularly takes its students on trips abroad to countries like Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and others. This helps the students recognize the importance of English as a language that bridges the gap for better communication and understanding of other cultures. EP Students also have the opportunity to be part of student exchange programs such as AFS, EF, YFU, AYC, the Rotary Youth Exchange and more. In these exchange programs, an EP student can spend a year studying in countries like the USA, Argentina, Germany, Hungary and others. Such an opportunity offers a great way to learn and experience a different culture and empower their skill in English. The program also maintains more teacher and student interaction for better learning through extracurricular activities like participating in clubs for Speech, Drama, Spelling, Robotics, Multimedia and others. During the summer school break, English camps are also held in order to boost the student’s interest in learning English by means of fun and games and other activities that make their school break memorable.

The Sarakhampittayakhom School English program is well-equipped with amenities that effectively help students learn with interaction. The program has a Science lab, computer room, library, a foreign language training room, classrooms equipped with air conditioners and digital projectors and Wi-Fi internet access. Equipment such as live Audio/Video recording system, customizable and programmable robotics training kits and musical instruments for a full orchestra are available to the students for a more modern hands-on learning.

To keep track of the students academics and provide a current approach to web-based learning, the program has an online website powered with its very own online community management system for students, so they can interact online with teachers and other students, for parents so they can check student grades and attendance, and for teachers so they can administer online lessons or tests. The program is proud to have fostered numerous students who are in top universities and were able to attain the highest scholarships available. All of these achievements and improvements are just the beginning for the stable and well-rounded English Program in Mahasarakham.

With consistent and excellent instruction and advanced facilities, the Sarakhampittayakhom School English Program is outstanding in equipping students for a better and brighter future, so that they can live up to the program’s motto:

“Be Thai, Strive for knowledge and Global Awareness!”