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The English Program celebrates Christmas by staging a special party at school. The Christmas party of the English Program is usually held in December before Christmas Day, December 25. Unfortunately, the month of December was one of the busiest months for the students and the school, that there was not enough time for the students to prepare for it. So the usual Christmas party of the EP was moved to the 4th of January 2013.

The party started at 12 noon, with a buffet lunch where all the students of each class brought food to share with everybody as a potluck. The activity started after everyone had their lunch, with Ajarn Toom, Ajarn Angel and Ajarn Eli hosting the party. There was lot of fun and games that the students enjoyed and they won some prizes. Ajarn Dave Fraser asked trivia questions to EP students about Christmas and the holidays.

A special message of inspiration was given by our visitor and guest, Mr. Tongkam Chansuk, the Deputy Director for Academics of Sarakhampittayakhom School. After that there were live band performances, dance performances and singing from the talented students of our English Program. A special singing performance of a Christmas song was even presented by Ajarn Eli, Ajarn Dean and Ajarn Dominic. Santa Claus was also able to drop by give candy goodies to all students, regardless of who’s naughty or nice.

Aside from the prices and goodies given away, the students were able to exchange gifts with other students and teachers. Overall, everyone had a blast enjoying the fun and pleasure of being together like one happy family celebrating Christmas, a season of merriment, love and sharing.

Video courtesy of Mr. Ingkawat Chantamool (Earng)
Photos below courtesy of Mr. Settakarn Kanjarnapee (Mee)

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