Singapore – Malaysia Fieldtrip 2012

Each year during the during the school break in October, Mathayom 3 English Program students go on a 5-day tour to a foreign country. This is for them to practice the use of the English Language skills that they have learned so far. It is also a way for them to enjoy and explore different cultures and see different places as a foreigner in another country. They would also recognize how important it is to learn and use the English language because it is the international language used to communicate with people of non-English speaking countries like Thailand.

This year’s fieldtrip with the Mathayom 3 EP students was the usual tour to the nearby countries of Malaysia and Singapore. The trip was from the 4th to the 8th of October 2012. These countries are special destinations for an educational and entertaining travel for the English Program because of the number of places to visit as well as the opportunity for the students to practice their English.

In Singapore, the students first visited the Singapore “Merlion” the symbolic creature of the country. The Merlion park gave the students an interesting and breathtaking view of the city’s skyline. They also took an evening ride in a ferryboat to take photos and cruise along the Singapore river. The next day was a visit to the Science Centre which was very educational to the students. There were a lot of interesting things and informative displays and toys for them to play with that was related to Science. The group later went to the Universal Studios theme park and the students spent the whole afternoon having so much fun and adventure with the rides many more all by themselves.

Malaysia is dominantly a Muslim country, with Malay as the primary language, but Chinese and English is spoken as well. The students were able to visit places in Malaysia such as Malacca or “Melaka,” a UNESCO World Heritage site because it was once a very busy European colony and free port centuries ago. They also were able to see the majestic Petronas Twin Towers in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. To see places of worship for the Muslim religion, they visited the Masjid Putra, large mosque in Putra Jaya. As part of Muslim customs, people entering the mosque must wear modest clothing and women should wear clothing that reaches the wrist and ankles and should not show the body form. Some students especially the girls had to wear a pink coats in order to get in and take photos. They also visited the gates of Malaysia’s new Istana Negara, or the Royal Palace which houses the Sultan or head of state of the country. Nearing the end of the journey, they went uphill by cable car to Genting Highlands, a theme park and hotel resort which is located on a mountain peak. The EP students had fun with the rides even in the cold and misty weather because it was very cloudy day.

The whole 5-day tour was exhausting at the end but the students definitely enjoyed it and they will always remember the fun, laughs and unforgettable experiences they had using their developing English skills, the places and new things learned from their short but well-spent journey.

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