Message from the Director

The academic year 2554 has been a year of many challenges. Our school had many visitors as we are the biggest school in the province as well as being a role model school in the region. The Ministry of Education’s Office of the Basic Education Commission stresses the importance of English-language education, raising the bar in the challenge of studying core subjects in English. This is in preparation of the ASEAN global community in 2015. The incentive to the students for studying in English is ensure them a brighter future, and to be competitive in the country’s workforce. Our students must recognize the importance of being a global citizen and the responsibility it carries. Now aside from learning English, the EP students also learn Chinese and Japanese. The English Program of Sarakhampittayakhom School continues to achieve ever-higher standards. The number of EP students continues to grow. This only shows that the program is doing great and is now popular as the place to be for a great education, especially for English learning. I wish to commend the efforts of the dedicated EP staff, who are constantly meeting the challenges of regular daily classroom management and outstanding contributions in special projects.  Again, the future is bright for this year’s graduating EP students. Their knowledge and abilities of the English language will provide them better opportunities and a fruitful tomorrow.

Sarakhampittayakhom School