Happy Retirement Ajarn Toom! (Mr. Wigorn Makdee – EP Head)

The English Program would like to celebrate and wish Mr. Wigorn Makdee, our EP Head, a happy retirement.

Mr. Wigorn Makdee, an English Teacher, helped establish the English Program in Sarakhampittayakhom school and became the Head of the Program since its inception. Under his helm, the Sarakhampittayakhom School English Program became one of the most successful and renowned programs in the Northeastern region of Thailand. Mr. Makdee is also the head coordinator of the AFS Exchange Program of Maha Sarakham province, who oversaw the success of many exchanges of Thai and Foreign students for the program.

Mr. Makdee has been a great influence and mentor to many students of the English Program and others throughout his career as an educator. We are forever grateful for everything he has done to contribute to the school and to the program, as well as all the help he provided the students and colleagues of the EP.
We wish Ajarn Toom a happy, healthy, prosperous and fulfilling life beyond his retirement and we will miss him dearly.

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