Open House Party 2556/2013

Each year the English Program of Sarakhampittayakhom School throws a party for all the students of the program to celebrate and end another successful school year and pay tribute to the graduating students of both upper and lower Mathayom levels. The party is one of the most anticipated events of the English Program, and all the students are excited because they are give the chance to perform and show their musical skills and talents in drama. Aside from that, the boys and girls are excited to dress up and flaunt themselves in stunning and beautiful attire. Parents, teachers and friends were able to attend the affair with the students and proudly see the EP students they know, perform on stage.

This year’s party theme was entitled: “BANSAITHONG the Musical” which features a musical play about a good girl who ultimately becomes the heir of a rich family. The EP orchestra performed and provided the music and ambiance of the play. The Mathayom 2 boys’ rock band “Slurpy” performed featuring various guest singers such as Nookyung (M3) and Opor (M2) along with their main vocalist J-J. The EP Orchestra’s featured musical talents also performed with various songs of different genres and altogether went by the name of “The Beautiful Voice” and they comprise of EP students, Winner, Fai, Meen, Nan, Mungdee, specially skilled in cello, saxophone, and violin respectively. Before the event proper, a special awards ceremony for outstanding students for this school year was honored by the presence of our Vice-principal and Deputy school Director for Academic Affairs, Mr. Tongkam Chansuek.

After the play, a special tribute speech and singing were presented to the Graduating students
of the English Program, especially the Mathayom 6 students who are moving on to study in various Universities. This year’s graduating batch of students consists some of the English Program’s best and brightest students, such as Ms. Kuntida Muntrikaeo, Ms. Siwaporn Khemwichian, Ms. Naetchanok Deechan and others for they have proven themselves by participating and winning numerous school competitions. The students, teachers and staff of the English Program bid them farewell and are very much proud of what they are now and what they have accomplished.

The students enjoyed the whole event and look forward to next year’s party.

Photos below taken by Mr. Narawit Bupphatano (Tem)
Video team: Mr. Ingkawat Chantamool (Earng)
Mr. Pheethanat Udomphon (Jui)
Mr. Potsawich Soung-to (Man-u)
Mr. Rachapon Tawan (Q)
Mr. Narawit Bupphatano (Tem)
Mr. Yuttapong Pakinimhung
Mr. Dominic Anacion
Mr. Apichai Sairut