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Animation Softwares

Here are some free and easy to use animation software demonstrated in class: 1. Pencil (download) 2. Toon Boom Animate (Go to download site, sign up first) 3. MonkeyJam (for stop motion) (download) 4. Wideo online animation maker (go to site) 5. Macromedia Flash (download) 6. QStopMotion (download) 7. JellyCam (download site) Video Tutorials: 1. …

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History of Cel Animation

A cel, short for celluloid, is a transparent sheet on which objects are drawn or painted for traditional, hand-drawn animation. Generally, the characters are drawn on cels in-reverse and laid over a static background drawing, then inverted when the composite frame is being captured by camera. Disney studios stopped using cels in 1990 when Computer …

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M5 Types of Animation

Today’s topic for Art in Animation is the “Types of Animation” Here is the slideshow presentation shown to your class today. Feel free to download it as a resource for our subject. [button size=”medium” align=”alignleft” link=”” linktarget=”_blank” skin=”caribbean_green”]Download PPT file[/button]

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