Steps on Painting with Acrylic (with Video)


  • A Canvas
  • Acrylic paint
  • Brushes
  • Rags
  • A Palette
  • A Pallette knife


Step 1

Choose a surface

Choose a surface for your painting. Canvas is the most common, but wood, masonite, and many others are also used.

Step 2

Pick your colors

Choose only a few colors, mixing them for countless shades.

Step 3

Buy basic brushes

Buy a few basic brushes: a large gesso brush to prepare canvas, a fine round brush for detailed work, and a flat inch-wide brush.

Splurge for better brushes. Cheap ones tend to shed hair.

Step 4

Prepare the canvas

Prepare your surface with gesso to make it smooth. Apply an even layer and let it dry. Lightly sand and repeat until your desired smoothness is achieved.

Step 5

Use a medium to dilute acrylic

Use a medium, such as a gel retarder or gesso primer, and water to dilute acrylic paint. It will help prevent cracking, and your painting will last longer.

Mediums also add texture to your acrylics.

Step 6

Add to your collection

Add a palette knife, fan brush, and other tools to your collection to create your personal style.

Did you know? Medieval gesso was a mixture of plaster of paris, white lead, and red clay for color.



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